Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Snow

Last week's major snowstorm was our first snow in our house!  I'm not sure if there were snow flurries in December while we were gone or not, but if we weren't here, it doesn't count ... right?!

Anyways, our house looked so cute blanketed in snow:

And we enjoyed our snow week by ... driving over to Oak Harbor to the navy base everyday!  And no, I am not kidding.  All of the area school districts were closed, the base was closed and the roads were snowy, but VAQ 141 had flown in several people from Japan to teach classes that we had to attend before the move and they could not be rescheduled.  We had a 2-hour delay each day, but we still had to make the treacherous trek over to the island!

All in all, it wasn't THAT bad and I did get my Japanese driver's license out of it, so I guess I shouldn't complain!

In other Navy news ...

We had to reschedule our wedding once we found out J.'s 2012 deployment schedule ... 
We (FINALLY) got our orders and expect to move in early March ...
and we are almost done with all of the paperwork for the big move.
I'll be glad when it's over.


  1. wow - that's coming up fast! hope the move goes smoothly and you schedules work out alright. i'm excited to follow you as you get to Japan :)

  2. Will you have time to come down to Seattle for a little get together pre-move? I'm sure it's crazy getting everything ready!