Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall Friends!  

It is *finally* starting to feel like fall around here!   Jeans and boots, here I come.  Here are a few things making me happy these days ...

My friend, Mrs. S., introduced me to this blog and my bank account hasn't recovered since!  I find it hard to add new pieces into my wardrobe each season since I don't live anywhere near a mall to peruse and I'm not exactly surrounded by a city full of fashionistas.  Thank you, North East Girl, for helping me add some key pieces to my wardrobe this fall!

This puffy vest ...

If you know me in real life, you know I live in a puffy vest all winter long.  I added this slimmer version to my wardrobe last week when J. Crew was having a sale.  I cannot wait until it gets a little bit cooler!

This Japanese antique I found at the Yamato Shrine Sale a few weekends ago ...

It only set me back 5,000 yen ... roughly $50.00!

Arashi ... a restaurant that changed my life.  You order from a vending machine, it costs $5.00 and makes a great dinner.  I've been three times in the past week.


Lunch at a restaurant that had been on my bucket list for ages:

We even got to sit outside!

A ride on the rhino bus:

Another check off the Bucket List!

The Machida Shrine Sale:

On the 1st of every month, vendors gather at the Machida Temmangu Shrine for the Machida Shrine Sale.  It resembles a flea market and is full of good finds.  I love picking up treasures that will remind me of my time abroad for years to come.

and ...

An upcoming trip to see my hubs!

I hope your fall is starting as well as mine!


  1. I love La Ricetta! I used to walk there all the time.

  2. I loved it! We usually go to Baffetto because it's closer to our base but it was nice to try something new and we got to sit outside!

  3. Well, I meant to just quickly look at that link for North East Girl... An hour later and I'm prying myself away. Great find! Too bad for my wallet...

  4. I couldn't find your email address - but I had to write you back (sorry this is a late reply) but yes, it was the Thai Orchid cooking school! It was so fun! Hope you had a happy Christmas!