Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Japanese Bucket List

Well, I certainly never expected to take almost a year off from blogging.  All I can say is that life got in the way.  I have been meaning to get back to it for weeks now, but it seems hard to know where to start up again after almost a year.  I figure this is the perfect post.  We have a little over a year left in Japan and it has reminded me that there are SO many things that I still have to do.  I have been working on my Bucket List for the past week and am finally ready to share!

One of my favorite things about my time in Seattle was having a Seattle Bucket List and checking things off of it.  It was certainly a great motivator and a helpful planning tool when we wanted to spend a day in Seattle, but didn't quite know what we wanted to do.  Being Type A, I find great satisfaction in crossing things off my list!

1.  Go to a sumo match.  
2.  Eat at Macaroni Market in Fujisawa.
3.  Eat at the Gyoza House.  
4.  Go to MacArthur's Garage in Hon-Atsugi.  
5.  Find the Ebina Farmer's Market. 
6.  Participate in the Bon Odori Festival on base. 
7.  Visit Fuji Safari Park.
8.  Go to Lalaport Mall.  
9.  Go to IKEA Japan.  
10.  Visit the Gyokuho-ji Temple (500 Buddha Temple) near Odawara.  
11.  Visit Odawara Castle.  
12.  See the Big Buddha (Daibutsu) at Kamakura.
13.  Visit Enoshima during the summer.
14.  Visit Enoshima Aquarium
15.  Visit Engaku-ji Temple in Kita-Kamakura.  
16.  Visit Meigetsuin Temple during hydrangea season.
17.  Visit the Bamboo Temple in Kamakura.  
18.  Climb Mt. Fuji.
19.  Take a road trip to the Izu Peninsula.  
20.  Visit Miyagase Lake in the summer.  
21.  Go to a pachinko parlor. 
22.  Go to a shrine sale.  
23.  Go to a traditional onsen.  
24.  Go to the fish market with Kaz-san (he is our sushi guy and takes people to the market with him).
25.  Go to the Mashiko Pottery Festival.
26.  Go to Nagano.  
27.  Ski somewhere in Japan.
28.  See the snow monkeys.  
29.  Go to Matsumoto Castle.  
30.  Go to the Sapporo Ice Festival.  
31.  Go to Hakone.
32.  Ride the shinkansen (bullet train).
33.  Go to Kyoto.
34.  See a geshia!
35.  Go to Hiroshima.
36.  See the Floating Torii Gate @ Miyajima.  
37.  Go to Okinawa.  
38.  Visit the Fuji Five Lakes area (late October to mid November for koyo season).
39.  Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.
40.  Do a night out in Roppongi.
41.  Go up Tokyo tower.
42.  Get my Starbucks Tokyo mug - I've decided to start collecting Starbucks City Mugs as my souvenirs from our travels!
43.  Go to Shibuya Crossing.
44.  Go to Shinjuku - the busiest train station in the world!
45.  Go to the Oriental Bazaar.
46.  Go to Kappabashi (the Kitchen District)
47.  Visit Meiji Shrine
48.   Go up Mori Tower in Roppongi.
49.  Take a boat ride up to Asakusa.  
50.  Go to Sensoji Temple.
51.  Go to Ueno Zoo.  
52.  See the Cherry Blossoms!  
53.  Tokyo National Museum. 
54.  See the Imperial Palace.
55.  See the Imperial Palace on December 23rd or January 2nd during a public greeting.  
56.  Find my grandparents old apartment in Tokyo.
57.  Go up the Sky Tree.  
58.  Have drinks at the New York Bar in the Park Hyatt.  
59.  Go to the Waterline Floating Lounge.  
60.  Eat at Ty Harbor Brewery.  
61.  Eat at Cicada.  
62.  Stay at the New Sanno (the military hotel in Tokyo).  
63.  Have Sunday brunch at the New Sanno.
64.  Have brunch at Sarabeth's in Shinjuku.
65.  Get popcorn from Garrett's Popcorn in Harajuku!
66.  Go to a Japanese Baseball game.
67.  Go to Tokyo Disney.
68.  Go to the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama.
69.  Eat at Cafe du Monde in Yokohama. 
70.  Visit the Red Brick Warehouses in Yokohama.  
71.  Ride on the Ferris Wheel in Yokohama.  
72.  Go to Sankien Garden in Yokohama.
73.  Go to Hong Kong.  
74.  Go to Hong Kong Again :)
75.  Go to Kuala Lumpur.
76.  Go to Singapore.
77.  Go to Thailand.
78.  See The Great Wall of China.  
79.  Have fun!  

It seems like every time I cross one thing off of my list, I find another to add so I am sure this list will continue to grow.  I only hope that I can accomplish most of it before we leave!  

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  1. Yay!! So glad to see you back! I love reading about your adventures and I really hope there's a wedding post in the future!