Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shadowhawk Fly-In

The weekend after we arrived in Japan, the jets flew in from Whidbey Island.  We gathered at the hangar to watch them fly-in on a Saturday afternoon.  We'd been told that the press would be there and they weren't kidding!  There was probably just as many members of the press as people there to greet the pilots and NFO's!  Once we arrived, we found out that only three of the jets would be making it in that afternoon.  The other three jets would arrive the next day.  We didn't know who was coming in the jets, but we hoped they would include our friends Mr. S. and Bag-O. 

A video of the Shadowhawks landing at NAF Atsugi for the first time.  Notice all the press taking photos and videos!

I also really like this video because it shows them doing their flyover and coming in for the break:



The first two jets parked

Later that evening the XO's wife hosted a party at her house and we celebrated (most) of the family being together again!

141 Ladies

Sunday, we went back out to the hangar to welcome the last three jets.  The press wasn't there for this fly-in but I was able to get some more pictures than I did on Saturday.

Last three jets

The boys going out to welcome the rest of their squadron

Mr. S.!

The jets coming in meant J. had to go back to work on Monday!

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