Thursday, December 23, 2010

Indianapolis ...

J. and I flew into Indianapolis on Sunday and we've been relaxing and catching up with friends all week.  We even made it to the gym one day!  It has been WONDERFUL.  I was worried about the snow and cold weather but, to be honest, it hasn't bothered me all that much.  Maybe because I know I'm going to warm and sunny Houston in a few days?  Perhaps.  Anyways, here is a recap of what we have been doing ... and my absolute favorite places in Indianapolis.

We've been watching the Twilight Saga ... no, I am not joking.  I was given the books as a gift this summer and I have to admit that I LOVED them.  My mom owns the movies and we had a marathon ... and even J. admitted that they were good.

We had dinner with friends at Mesh on Mass Avenue.  Afterwards we headed to Mass Ave. Pub for drinks and were promptly kicked out because my friend was throwing spitballs.  And no I am not joking.  It was immature but hilarious.  And it ended up being a good thing because we migrated to one of my favorite bars, Chatham Tap, were we ate their delicious breadsticks and ran into the owner of my hair salon, Salon Orange Moon.  I waited too long to make an appointment before our trip and my stylist was booked up, but when I ran into the owner she very graciously offered to squeeze me in for a trim.  It is much needed and much appreciated!  If you are an Indy local you should check out the salon!

We had lunch at Moe's with my old roomie.  And then I headed back to Mass Ave. to do some last minute Christmas shopping.  I made my way to The Best Chocolate in Town.  Their truffles are to die for.  So so so good.  And they have that's made with Sun King's Wee Mac Ale.  I might put making truffles on my 2011 To-Do List.  I went to Silver in the City to pick up some fun gifts and stocking stuffers.  And I couldn't go to Mass Ave. without stopping in Three Dog Bakery and picking up some treats for the girls.  Santa was good to them :)  Afterwards I had coffee with my old hairstylist ... well, she's kind of my current hairstylist since I haven't been getting my hair cut in Washington.  I'm afraid to let someone new touch my hair!  She's 36 weeks pregnant and so cute!  

I had sushi with my bestie's tonight and then we stopped into The Usual Suspects where we had my absolute favorite cocktail of all time ... The Pearl Jam, made with Pearl Plum vodka and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.  Do try it!  (If you live in Washington, they sell Pearl Plum vodka at the state liquor store!)

Tomorrow I will be indulging in Hobby Lobby and Von Maur ... two fabulous stores that we don't have out west.  I love Hobby Lobby and everything is usually 50% off ... I am hoping to find some cheap holiday decorations!  And we will be ending the week with dinner at Adobo Grill ... home to the best fish tacos I have ever eaten!

I hope all of you are having wonderful weeks and good luck to all of you who are doing some last minute shopping!

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